What is so great about online gambling is a question we are often asked. Surely an evening out with friends while enjoying a snack and a drink is much more fun?

Advantages of online gambling at a glance

That is not entirely true, in our view. We list five advantages of online gambling especially for you.

1. Online Pokies from the comfort of your couch

Imagine having to go out in the rain and you have already put on your relaxed outfit. Yet you feel like taking a gamble. Put your clothes back on and brave the bleak weather, or take a gamble online from the comfort of your couch. The choice seems easily made to us. Gambling online in your familiar environment proves to be the best option.

2. 100% safe to play Online Pokies

Online gambling is just as safe as in the casino. With our online casino reviews everything is strictly controlled so that your money is 100% safe. So you can deposit money and play pokies online with peace of mind.

3. Endless Choice of Online Pokies

In a land based casino the choice of pokies is limited, but when you gamble online the range of online casino pokies on offer is infinite. From blackjack to online video poker and from roulette to online card pokies. There is something for everyone and every popular casino pokie can also be found online. In addition, online there is never a queue, your favorite pokie is always available and you can play directly online.

4. Online gambling in the ‘live casino

Do you miss contact with people? Online gambling offers a lot of possibilities. Nowadays it is possible to take a seat in a ‘live casino’. By means of a webcam you make direct contact with the studio and imagine yourself in a real casino. It is also possible to chat with your opponents, so at least you know who you are facing.

5. Advantageous Online Pokies

Cheap airfare, cheap running shoes, the best deals online nowadays! This also applies to the online casino, welcome bonuses, free spins and a deposit bonus, at the online casino you can always make a bet with the casino bonus. In addition, you’ll save a lot on transportation and parking costs when you play online casino pokies from the comfort of your seat. The chances of winning a nice amount of money at the online casino will only increase.

A lot of research is done when it comes to playing pokies online. Now that land casinos are slowly becoming less and less popular, people are gambling more and more at home. Social casino pokies are at the forefront of this.

Why go outdoors when you can play a digital pokie machine in the comfort of your own home, or play the increasingly popular online Blackjack?

More and More Online Pokies

Just as is happening on the web, a lot of that action is moving more and more in the direction of mobile. You might not expect it, but Australia is ahead of the rest of the world in that segment. However, that does not mean that playing on your desktop is disappearing altogether.

That has to do, among other things, with how many screens you have on a desktop. Casino pokies are often big with literal bells and whistles. The more screen you have to display all this graphically, the more real the experience is for people who play at home.

Pokies are Popular

Strikingly enough, however, it also appears that ‘simple’ online pokies are extremely popular, especially among mobile users. three-quarters of those users play pokies and this percentage is almost as high among people who play on tablets or desktops.

Given that data certainly governs this industry, this also means that more and more sites are offering a lot of pokies, because if that’s what people want to play, that’s what they get.

Pokie machines are now a well known part of an online casino, but that hasn’t always been the case. The pokie machine has gone through many changes and has not always been as we know it today.

Pokie machines have undergone a great deal of development over the years. Not only because of the rise of the online casino but also in the offline casinos the pokie machine has a rich history.

History of Pokies

Charles Fey made the first real fruit machine in 1895. Charles was a mechanic with a passion for technology. He often worked out ideas in his own small workshop. One evening he came up with the principle of the rotating role. The final result was the first real pokie machine, ‘the liberty bell’. Charles Fey managed to automatically pay out coins. A few years after his invention, he opened his own pokie machine shop.

A lot has changed over the years. There were fruit symbols and more roles, from three to five. Later on a Random Number Generator was also used. Nowadays this random number generator is still used. The lever has also made way for regular buttons more often.

20th Century Online Pokie Machines

At the end of the 20th century a new era dawned. The online pokie machine. This was introduced together with the online casinos. Nowadays the pokies account for almost 80% of the revenue, for both online and offline casinos. The different themes and the low amount of money that can be played with have made pokie machines so popular all these years.

3D Pokies

The newest techniques are the 3d pokies. Few pokie machines use this technique yet. If you would like to try these special pokies you can search for them at your favourite online casinos from our Top-list on the Homepage. Chances are that some casinos do not offer these pokies yet. A well-known pokie that uses the 3d function is the pokie Gonzo’s Quest. This game is available at most online casinos.